Love. Hatred.

Without Love.

There is no Hatred.

There is something therapeutic about using mannequins as my subjects. I find myself very much at peace and able to let my imagination run wild during shoots.

Technically I treat them almost like living subjects: I clean them (especially when I was shooting for the project 100% OFF; I talk to them (most of the time just in my head) and occasionally saying things out loud (such as apologising for accidentally dropping them or thanking them after the shoot).

In the past year,  it is very likely that I have spent more time with them – my artist mannequin; Barbie & Ken; Tellula (featured in the project Being and Nothingness) than anyone else. 

In another space. Another dimension. Perhaps we exist as dolls to them under their gaze.


* This is the third multimedia piece that I have used my artist mannequin as the subject. To view the others, check out the Multimedia page or on my Vimeo.